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How Renting Moving Crates Turned My Move into a Breeze

Perfect Crates - Rent plastic moving boxes
With Perfect Crates, packing was a breeze. Their stellar customer service turned my NYC move into a hassle-free adventure!

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From the Upper East Side to Tribeca: My Stress-Free NYC Move

Life in New York City is an adventure, but moving within the city? That’s a whole different ball game. My recent move from the Upper East Side to the trendy Tribeca neighborhood was an experience I was dreading, until I discovered Perfect Crates.

Renting moving bins sounded like a good alternative to traditional boxes, so I decided to give Perfect Crates a shot. The process was so seamless, I can't help but smile as I recount it. They dropped off the crates at my old apartment, and I was blown away by their durability. Not only that, but they were perfectly sized, so they fit everything I needed.

Packing was a breeze, and I found myself wondering why I'd never chosen to rent moving boxes before. It was especially satisfying to know I was making a greener choice for the environment.

Once the moving was done, and I settled into my new Tribeca home, Perfect Crates picked up the bins right from my doorstep. I didn't have to worry about getting rid of them, as I would with traditional moving boxes.

But what really made Perfect Crates stand out was their stellar customer service. Their team was so helpful and responsive, they made a stressful move feel like a cakewalk. Thanks to Perfect Crates, my NYC move was a success story I never thought I’d tell.

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Perfect Crates - Rent plastic moving boxes
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