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Save Time and Money with Perfect Crates’ Cost-Effective Plastic Bins Rental Service

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Perfect Crates - Plastic Moving Binds Rental in NYC

The Perfect Crates Solution

In your search to make life easier on yourself, your family, your friends, employees, and even your moving company, you have come to the right place.

At Perfect Crates we make packing your home or office simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

For less than what it costs to to purchase cardboard boxes, we rent and deliver fully assembled plastic moving boxes right to your doorstep. Our plastic moving boxes or Perfect Crates as we call them, require no tape, are bigger and stronger than a traditional cardboard moving box. They stack neatly on one of our Rental Skates or Rental Dollies so you can easily roll your packed boxes anywhere you want. When you are done with our Perfect Crates, we pick them up, clean them, and then rent them to the next customer. Since our Perfect Crates are made from 100% recyclable plastic and are so durable, they can be reused up to 400 times. In fact, using rental crates generates 95% less total solid waste, requires 39% less energy, and generates 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions than cardboard. This means that by using Perfect Crates, you are making a positive environmental impact on the world.


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