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We deliver durable, rugged, professional-grade moving supplies. Perfect Crates are heavy-duty, plastic moving boxes with, ergonomically-designed, comfort-fit handles and attached lids. Pair them up with some of our additional moving supplies and your next move will be a lot less stressful.

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Perfect Crates Labels

Perfect Crates labels are used to keep your home or office move organized. The labels have a water-based adhesive for easy removal and prevents damaging furniture finish. Each Perfect Crate packages include one label per crate. If you need additional labels to keep track of furniture, you may add a pack to your order. (Available for Purchase)

Packing Paper Bundle

Packing paper is multi-purpose paper to wrap and protect your items. Packing paper can be used to wrap just about anything and is recommended for fragile items. Packing paper is also used to fill empty space left over in crates to prevent items from shifting. (Available for Purchase)

Roll of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is recommended for items that need more protection than just packing paper. Pack faster using perforated sheets of bubble wrap that come in a dispenser container. (Available for Purchase)

Mattress Bag

Mattress Bags are great for protecting your mattress and box spring during transportation or while loading onto a moving truck. Keep your mattress clean with Mattress Bags. King size mattress bags fit both king and queen beds, while full size mattress bags fit both full and twin size beds. (Available for Purchase)

Zip Ties

We offer multi-purpose zip ties to secure your Rental Crates. Each Rental Crate has two holes that can fit zip ties to lock the lid to the crate itself. Zip ties are recommended for those transporting sensitive information or valuables. When adding zip ties to your Rental Crates package, you will receive 2x the amount of cates in your package. (Available for Purchase)

Packing Tape

Although Rental Crates require no tape, sometimes tape is still required to pack. We recommend tape for TV and Picture Boxes. (Available for Purchase)

Picture Box

Picture Boxes are great for protecting larger pictures, mirrors, and artwork that do not fit into Rental Crates. Picture Boxes include 4 telescoping cardboard panels that can be folded and adjusted to fit larger pictures, mirrors, and artwork. Picture Boxes require tape to assemble. (Available for Purchase)

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is great for adding an extra layer of protection while transporting wooden furniture, leather couches, and items that need to be contained, such as dressers with drawers and filing cabinets. Stretch Wrap can be wrapped around most furniture for easier and more secure transportation. (Available for Purchase)

Monitor Bag

Rental Monitor Bags are anti-static 3⁄16 inch bubble pouches that covers most monitor size during transportation. (Available for Purcahse)

Keyboard Bag

Rental Keyboard Bags house all extra computer components including; keyboard, mouse, cables, and hub stations. Keep track of all your items per workstation with Rental Keyboard Bags. (Available for Purchase)

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

Make moving mistakes a thing of the past

Plastic Moving Crates Rental Packages

We’ve created 5 packages for common NYC living arrangements. The number of bins per package is based on our experience working as movers in NYC.

Residential & Commercial Rental Moving Crates

Whether you need crates for a move or organizing stuff at home, or have a big office move and want to make it easier, Perfect Crates is the pain-free solution for everyone!
Perfect Crate


Rental Program

Our residential rental program makes moving easy. Crates are cleaner, stronger, and easier to stack than traditional moving boxes. Choose a package that works for you!


Rental Program

Our commercial rental program will help simplify the chaos of moving your office or file transfers from one location to the next. Choose from a preset package that works for your company!

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. We want you to have all the answers you need before you reach out.

The standard rental period included on all of our packages and products is one week. However, if you need extra time for your move, we offer the option to keep the bins longer.

Finished unpacking early and don’t need the full two-week rental? No problem, just contact us to schedule an earlier pick up date.

Yes, we charge $50 for pickup / delivery in our service area in NYC. Please email us to find out the fees for deliveries outside our service area.  

Our service area is currently limited to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Due to the high cost of commercial vehicle tolls, traffic and other challenges, we are currently unable to deliver or pick up outside this area without an additional fee. Please contact us to find out the fees for deliveries outside our service area.

Yes. If you would like to have your bins picked up earlier or later, please, shoot us an email to schedule a new pick-up date.

Please take into consideration that the standard rental period is three weeks so any pick-ups scheduled after the initial rental period may incur an additional charge at the weekly rate. Please contact us ASAP to reserve a new date and time slot. Our slots fill up quickly so we cannot guarantee any last-minute changes.

Payment is online by credit/debit card at the time of ordering. We accept all major payment methods.

We very happily accept all major payment methods. We do not accept cash, checks or money orders at this time.

Yes, our dollies have carpeted ends, which provide cushioning and protect furniture from scuffing.

Yes. We offer an extra In-Home Delivery service option, where we will bring the bins up the stairs and into your apartment. However, free ground floor and elevator delivery/pick up is included in every package.

Nope. Perfect Crates have attached, interlocking, flip-pack lids that seal without any tape. For added security, we also provide free zip ties to quickly secure the lids of every crate.

Yes. We deliver and pick up 6 days a week with four 4 time slots to choose from each day (please see below.) Your default pick-up date will be exactly 3 weeks from your date of delivery – you get to choose your pick-up time slot during the order process. If you’re unpacked and would like us to pick up the bins early, please contact us to schedule a new pick-up date and time slot.

No. However, we would really appreciate it if you contact us ASAP so we don’t make the trip out to your location. Thanks.

Yes. Please send us an email ASAP to reserve a new date and time slot. Our slots fill up quickly so we cannot guarantee any last-minute changes. However, we understand that life happens and we will always try our very best to accommodate.


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