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Make moving easy and help protect the environment

The benefits of using Perfect Crates


Perfect crates are stackable, mobile and efficient


Perfect Crates are cheaper than cardboard​


Perfect Crates are strong and will protect your belongings


Perfect Crates are secure and will keep your items safe


Perfect Crates are reusable and help save our planet​

Perfect Crates Are Convenient

Perfect Crates are much easier to use than cardboard boxes

First off, you will not need to waste time trying to find that part on the tape roll where the actual tape begins because Perfect Crates do not require any tape. In fact, there is no assembly necessary with Perfect Crates since they arrive pre-assembled and ready to pack. That means, no more wasted time and sweat building cardboard boxes and trying to tape them closed.

We deliver everything right to you

No more time spent driving to the store and filling up shopping carts with a bunch of cardboard boxes only to realized they don’t fit into your car and you need to make multiple trips. We drop off your plastic moving boxes and supplies right inside your home or office and pick them up when you are done.

Stackable and mobile

Each Perfect Crate neatly nests inside each other to save space before you pack. So they only take up a small footprint inside your home or office when they are not in use. Plus, they are designed to be rolled anywhere once packed and stacked on a Rental Skate or placed on a Rental Dolly. So you never have to lift and hand carry a loaded box, simply roll your Perfect Crates on and off your moving truck much easier than cardboard boxes.

Organized and efficient

Perfect Crates are designed to maximize space while being transported inside a moving truck. If you have ever tried to stack cardboard boxes, you know that they begin to crush and compromise after you stack about 4 on top of each other. Plus, cardboard boxes are not uniform and come in all various sizes making stacking boxes like you are playing a game of Tetris. Perfect Crates are standard sizes and structurally designed to be stacked as high as the moving truck ceiling. This means better utilization of space inside the moving truck and eliminating the need for additional moving trucks or additional trips.

Perfect Crates Are Cost-Effective

Perfect Crates are cheaper than cardboard

Don’t take our word for it, compare our package prices to what it would cost to purchase the equivalent packing materials in cardboard at a big box store.

Now on top of that, think about what your time is worth? Think about the time it will take you to drive to the store and stand in the box aisle trying to figure out how many boxes you should purchase. Inevitably, you will buy too many, or maybe not enough. Either way let’s hope all those cardboard boxes that you will use only one-time will all fit in your car. If not, better plan on making a couple trips.

Congratulations, you just got all of your boxes home, now it is time to carry them into your home. You are now finally ready to pack, but not quite yet, first you need to build all those boxes and tape them together. Alright, are you drenched in sweat yet? We are just thinking about all that work you just did just to prepare for all the actual work of packing all those boxes.

At Perfect Crates, we value your time, and we believe you have many more important things that you should be doing instead of taping and building cardboard boxes. Time is the one thing that none of us can get back.

So we make it simple, in just a few minutes, you can to order your packing supplies right from your phone or your computer. Then just sit back and relax, we will deliver your Perfect Crates to your home or office. They will arrive pre-assembled and ready to use.

Reduce move time

Perfect Crates are faster to pack, load, and transport. They arrive assembled so no prep work is needed, just start packing the perfect crate with your items, shut the attached interlocking lid, and repeat. When you are ready, roll them onto the moving truck using the Rental Skate or Rental Dolly. Perfect Crates are the smarter, faster way to pack.

Perfect Crates are larger than most standard cardboard moving boxes

In fact, when we were beta testing with family and friends before our lunch, we had a friendly competition to see how much you can fit into a Perfect Crate. We have heard from one tester who managed to fit 60 t-shirts, 9 pairs of jeans, 7 pairs of shoes, 1 hand held mirror, a blow dryer, 2 purses, and a puffy winter coat into a Large Perfect Crate.

So why pack 10 cardboard boxes when you can pack 7 plastic boxes instead? Think you got what it take to be a professional packer? Take a video of how much you packed into a Perfect Crate and share it with us, maybe we will pick your video to be featured on one of our social media channels. If selected, we could provide you with 50% off your next rental order.

Perfect Crates Are Stronger

Perfect Crates are stronger than cardboard

Our Perfect Crates come with “True form” ergonomic carrying handles designed for sturdy comfortable lifting able to withstand heavier weight than cardboard. This means you can fill one whole Medium Perfect Crate with your books and not worry about the bottom falling apart. Perfect Crates are made from 10 lbs of high density polypropylene. They are crush proof and water resistant. No more crushed cardboard boxes causing whatever you packed to be smashed to pieces during the move. So go ahead, open up your Perfect Crate and pack anything. There is almost no restrictions on what can go in a Perfect Crate.

Perfect Crates Are Secure

Perfect Crates are more secure than cardboard

Perfect Crates meet HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents or items. As an added security measure, you can use Zip Ties to lock down lids and prevent easy access to the packed items. That is why Perfect Crates have been a top choice for packing and moving many hospitals and medical practices throughout Southeast Michigan. Another huge fan of our secure containers have been the banking and mortgage industry, Human Resource Departments, and anyone moving items or files that need to be kept private.

Perfect Crates Are Reusable

Perfect Crates are reusable and help save our planet

Perfect Crates have an Eco-Friendly Design and using them on your next move is the right thing to do. Millions of people move every year and use cardboard boxes. These same boxes have a limited lifespan and typically end up in a landfill after only a few uses. It is ridiculous to think of the waste. Luckily, there is a way to stop the vicious cycle of waste. Perfect Crates are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Our plastic boxes can be reused multiple times over and over again. In fact, Perfect Crates are used on hundreds of moves before they are recycled. That means, no contributing to landfills.

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

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The Perfect Crates Solution

You’ve arrived at the perfect destination in your search to make life easier on yourself, your loved ones, colleagues, and even your moving company.

Perfect Crates makes packing your home or office simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

We offer a cost-effective solution for your moving needs. Our fully assembled plastic moving boxes, or Perfect Crates, are delivered right to your door.

Our Perfect Crates have several advantages over traditional cardboard boxes. They are stronger, don’t require tape, and stack neatly on our Rental Skates or Rental Dollies for easy moving. Plus, our rental moving bins are made from 100% recyclable plastic and can be reused up to 400 times.

When you’re done using our Perfect Crates, we’ll pick them up, clean them, and then rent them to the next customer. This helps reduce waste and makes a positive impact on the environment. In fact, using rental crates generates 95% less solid waste, requires 39% less energy, and generates 29% less greenhouse gas emissions than cardboard.

By choosing Perfect Crates, you’re making a smart and environmentally friendly choice for your move.

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