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Commercial Rental Moving Crates

Do you have a big office move and want to make it easier?
Perfect Crates is the pain-free solution for everyone!
Perfect Crate

Plastic Moving Crates Rental Packages

We’ve created packages for common NYC office arrangements. The number of bins per package is based on our experience working as movers in NYC.

Small Office $125/w

50 Plastic Crates
2 Commercial Bins

+ Free: 60 Security Labels

Relocate your small office effortlessly with Perfect Crates’ Small Office Package. Get 50 sturdy plastic crates and 2 Commercial Bins, ideal for safeguarding essential office items during the move. Trust us for a swift, hassle-free transition.

Large Office $400/w

200 Plastic Crates
8 Commercial Bins

+ Free: 220 Security Labels

Relocating a large office is simple with Perfect Crates’ Large Office Package. With 200 robust plastic crates and 8 Commercial Bins, we ensure seamless transition of your office essentials. Focus on your business, while we manage the move.

Residential Packages

Packages for common NYC living arrangements

Each package comes with a mix of medium and large bins so you can properly distribute the weight of your items. The number of bins per package is based on our experience working as movers in NYC.

Included in every package

Free Zip Ties

Zip ties quickly and easily secure the lids when finished packing.

Free Labels

Our packages come with one label for every bin.

Quick Delivery & Pick Up

Within Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn

Flexible Rental Period

Need more time, no problem, add an extra week at checkout.

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

How It Works

Moving Boxes and Supplies Delivered to Your Door

Perfect Crates delivers reusable, eco-friendly moving boxes and supplies in NYC with quick delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

We Deliver

You Pack & Move

We Pick Up

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

The Perfect Crates Benefits

The Benefits of Using Perfect Crates for Your Office

The greatest obstacle when relocating a business is minimizing the downtime between locations. Perfect Crates include many features that allow you to pack faster, move efficiently, and return to what you do best.
Perfect Crates
Perfect Crates

Reduce Move Time and Costs, Stay Secure and Organized

Perfect Crates are perfect for​

Packing in plastic moving box
Perfect Crates

Perfect Crates Are Easier

Perfect Crates removes the hassle of where to buy moving boxes. We deliver plastic crates and packing supplies to your doorstep at your convenience. Our simple checkout process allows you to select exactly what you need to pack your home in a few steps.
The simplicity of using plastic moving boxes starts as soon as they’re delivered. Perfect Crates arrive pre-assembled and ready to pack. There is no folding flaps and taping required to start using. Plastic moving containers are designed to store items from any room in the home or office. There is no need to buy file boxes to pack your files, dish boxes to pack your dishes, and book boxes to pack your books.
Perfect Crates are also made to transport. Each crate is easily stackable and nests in a rental skate. This allows for painless mobility when packing your home or office. Perfect Crates are also able to to be dollied using a two wheel hand truck. Traditional cardboard boxes are difficult to transport and can become unorganized. Movers also prefer to move plastic moving crates over cardboard boxes.
Plastic moving crates are easier to load and transport than cardboard boxes. Perfect Crates’ uniform design maximizes truck space and saves time loading. You do not need to be a Tetris master to stack and load Rental Crates.
When you are finished using Perfect Crates we pick up the empty plastic moving boxes at your new location. There is no reason to store or dispose of several cardboard boxes after your move. Perfect Crates make your move easier from the get-go.
Perfect Crates - Rent plastic moving boxes

Perfect Crates Are Stronger

Perfect Crates
Perfect Crates are heavy duty plastic storage boxes. They can hold more weight than traditional cardboard boxes and last much longer. Plastic moving boxes are designed to protect your items during the entire move process. From packing, to loading, to transportation, Perfect Crates are a stronger solution compared to cardboard.
Perfect Crates do not rip, collapse, or crush. The bottom will not fall out when they are fully loaded. Perfect Crates are waterproof and weather-proof. All of these factors make Perfect Crates a better alternative to cardboard when considering the safety of your belongings.
Perfect Crates are also more durable than cardboard when transporting. Plastic moving crates do not collapse when stacked on a dolly or loaded onto a moving truck. This means you can stack higher without worrying if the weight of one crate will destroy another.
Our plastic moving boxes have sturdy grip handles that makes moving Perfect Crates by hand easier than cardboard. Cardboard boxes often have uncomfortable perforated handles that tear or nothing to hold at all.
Each plastic moving crate nests in a durable Rental Skate. The Rental Skate allows for secure transportation over thresholds and while using ramps. Each Rental Skate dolly has an up to 500 pound weight capacity. The sturdy nesting design eliminates the likelihood of a Perfect Crate stack tipping and contents spilling out.
Perfect Crates are a stronger solution when it comes to ensuring your items arrive safely at your new location.

Perfect Crates Are Cost Efficient

There’s not much to think about, the time and money spent acquiring cardboard boxes can add up quickly when planning a move. Perfect Crates are delivered to your current address and picked up at your new location when you are finished. Plastic moving crates arrive ready to pack saving you valuable time.
Plastic moving crates are stronger than cardboard boxes. This means you can pack more per box and reduce damages. Packing more per box with less packing materials makes Perfect Crates a cost effective alternative to cardboard.
Using Perfect Crates will also save time if you hire packers or movers. There is no time required to assemble the crates. This means packers can focus on packing your items. Movers are able to transport and load plastic moving boxes faster and more efficiently than cardboard boxes. Most home and office moving companies charge by the hour. Perfect Crates will reduce the overall time spent packing and moving, resulting in lower moving costs.
When you are finished using Perfect Crates we pick them up from your new location. Unlike cardboard, there is no disposal fees or inconvenience to remove. Switching from cardboard to crates for your next move can save you up to 50% of your time and money.
Perfect Crates - Plastic Moving Bins Rental in NYC

Perfect Crates Are Reusable: Help the Planet

Perfect Crates
Perfect Crates are eco-friendly moving boxes. Each plastic moving crate has a low environmental impact and is reused on hundreds of moves before being recycled. The average cardboard box only survives 2 or 3 moves before it starts to fall apart.
Perfect Crates generate zero waste while moving. Unlike cardboard, there is no breaking down boxes and removing tape for disposal. When you are finished using Perfect Crates, we pick them up to be used on another move.
Each Perfect Crate is cleaned between uses with compressed air. We do not use cleaning chemicals that could stain or damage contents. Our crates are inspected before each delivery to insure that our customers are getting the cleanest crates.

Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service team is here to help with every detail. We want you to have all the answers you need before you reach out.

The standard rental period included on all of our packages and products is one week. However, if you need extra time for your move, we offer the option to keep the bins longer.

Finished unpacking early and don’t need the full two-week rental? No problem, just contact us to schedule an earlier pick up date.

Yes, we charge $50 for pickup / delivery in our service area in NYC. Please email us to find out the fees for deliveries outside our service area.  

Our service area is currently limited to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Due to the high cost of commercial vehicle tolls, traffic and other challenges, we are currently unable to deliver or pick up outside this area without an additional fee. Please contact us to find out the fees for deliveries outside our service area.

Yes. If you would like to have your bins picked up earlier or later, please, shoot us an email to schedule a new pick-up date.

Please take into consideration that the standard rental period is three weeks so any pick-ups scheduled after the initial rental period may incur an additional charge at the weekly rate. Please contact us ASAP to reserve a new date and time slot. Our slots fill up quickly so we cannot guarantee any last-minute changes.

Payment is online by credit/debit card at the time of ordering. We accept all major payment methods.

We very happily accept all major payment methods. We do not accept cash, checks or money orders at this time.

Yes, our dollies have carpeted ends, which provide cushioning and protect furniture from scuffing.

Yes. We offer an extra In-Home Delivery service option, where we will bring the bins up the stairs and into your apartment. However, free ground floor and elevator delivery/pick up is included in every package.

Nope. Perfect Crates have attached, interlocking, flip-pack lids that seal without any tape. For added security, we also provide free zip ties to quickly secure the lids of every crate.

Yes. We deliver and pick up 6 days a week with four 4 time slots to choose from each day (please see below.) Your default pick-up date will be exactly 3 weeks from your date of delivery – you get to choose your pick-up time slot during the order process. If you’re unpacked and would like us to pick up the bins early, please contact us to schedule a new pick-up date and time slot.

No. However, we would really appreciate it if you contact us ASAP so we don’t make the trip out to your location. Thanks.

Yes. Please send us an email ASAP to reserve a new date and time slot. Our slots fill up quickly so we cannot guarantee any last-minute changes. However, we understand that life happens and we will always try our very best to accommodate.


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