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Our Office Move with Perfect Crates

Perfect Crates - Rent plastic moving boxes
Our office move was a success with Perfect Crates, their rentable moving bins made the transition orderly and efficient.

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Perfect Crates, Perfect Move: How I Aced Our Office Relocation

I had a task that was quite daunting - relocating our office from the heart of Manhattan to a new location in Tribeca. We have over 50 employees, and the thought of this move made me lose sleep. Then I discovered Perfect Crates, a company that rents moving boxes. And boy, did they save the day!

Instead of chaotic piles of office equipment and personal belongings scattered everywhere, we had orderly, durable, plastic bins. Each employee got two boxes - one for their personal stuff and one for work-related items. We even had zip locks to secure our items, ensuring everything was safe and sound. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the crates and how well they protected our belongings.

You wouldn't believe how smooth the whole process was. From the delivery of the crates to our original office location in Manhattan, to the collection of the crates from our new spot in Tribeca, Perfect Crates made it incredibly easy. The seamless process reduced our downtime significantly and we were able to get back to work quickly.

Trust me, if you're an office manager facing a move, I'd definitely recommend renting moving crates from Perfect Crates. Their service is reliable, professional, and efficient, providing you with peace of mind. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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Perfect Crates - Rent plastic moving boxes
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