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Hitting a Home Run for our Senior Move

Perfect Crates - Moving Bin Rental NYC
Moving from a house to a condo was made easy with Perfect Crates. Their sturdy bins protected our baseball card collection and made our senior move a breeze.

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From House to Condo: How Perfect Crates Scored for Us

Downsizing from our large house in Staten Island to a cozy condo in Upper East Side, Manhattan, was a monumental task. As seniors, we were anxious about packing everything, especially my husband's prized baseball card collection. Enter Perfect Crates - they were a godsend!

We decided to rent moving boxes from Perfect Crates. These crates were nothing short of exceptional! Dropped at our Staten Island house, their strength and size impressed us. Our cherished belongings, including my husband's baseball card collection, found a secure home in these crates.

Not only did they protect the delicate cards, but these crates were also surprisingly easy to handle and stack. It gave us room to maneuver around while packing.

Once we had relocated to Manhattan, Perfect Crates picked up the crates. We were delighted we didn't have to concern ourselves with cardboard box disposal. For seniors like us, renting moving crates was not just convenient, it was environmentally conscious too!

Our hats are off to Perfect Crates for their superb service and helping us transition smoothly into city life. They knocked our move right out of the park!

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