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Perfect Crates Simplified My Move

Perfect Crates - Plastic Moving Bins Rental in NYC
Renting moving crates from Perfect Crates was the best decision I made for my move. The bins were robust, easy to pack and stack, and the pickup service was exceptional.

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The Perfect Move: My Experience with Renting Bins from Perfect Crates

As a recent local New Yorker moving from bustling SoHo to the serene Riverside, I faced a challenge with the logistics. However, I found a simple solution to my problem: I decided to rent moving bins from Perfect Crates, a NYC based company. They dropped off the sturdy, eco-friendly plastic crates right at my door in SoHo. I marveled at how efficient this process was, how it eliminated the stress of hunting for cardboard boxes.

The bins were spacious, clean, and surprisingly robust, a perfect choice to protect my precious items during the journey across town. With the ease of packing and stacking, my apartment was soon neatly packed into these reusable crates, ready for the adventure.

The big day arrived, and we successfully transported everything to Riverside. Unpacking was a breeze, as the uniform size of the bins made it easy to organize my belongings. It was hard not to appreciate the convenience these crates provided, and I found myself surprised that I hadn't tried this earlier.

The service didn't end there. Once I was all settled, Perfect Crates swung by to pick up the bins, saving me the struggle of figuring out what to do with a mountain of cardboard boxes.

Looking back, deciding to rent moving crates from Perfect Crates streamlined my moving process, making it a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

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