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A Film Student’s Best Friend during a Move

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Moving from a dorm to a condo was a breeze with Perfect Crates. Their sturdy crates could easily carry my heavy film books and equipment.

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From Dorm to Condo: How Perfect Crates Made My Move Easy

Going from a dorm at New York Film Academy to my very first condo in Brooklyn was an adventure waiting to happen. I dreaded the move - until I discovered Perfect Crates.

I decided to rent moving crates from Perfect Crates, and boy, was it a lifesaver! The service was swift and efficient - the crates were dropped off at my dorm and immediately, I was amazed by their robustness.

Being a film major, I own a ton of hefty books, DVDs, and equipment. Thankfully, these crates were more than capable of bearing the load. I was able to pack my entire film library and equipment without fear of the crates giving way.

What’s more, the crates were so conveniently stackable. This meant my small dorm room didn’t transform into a maze of boxes. Talk about a space saver!

Once I’d successfully relocated to my Brooklyn condo, Perfect Crates came to pick up the crates. No need to deal with cardboard box disposal or anything. As a student conscious about my carbon footprint, the fact that I was able to rent moving boxes was a major plus.

Kudos to Perfect Crates for making my move so straightforward and stress-free. Their excellent service and reliable crates made my transition from dorm life to condo living a breeze.

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