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Renting Moving Boxes for Our Non-Profit

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Our organization's move was made manageable with Perfect Crates, their rentable moving bins ensured an efficient, organized transition.

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Moving Made Manageable: Renting Moving Boxes for Our Non-Profit

I run a non-profit organization in Harlem, and recently we had to move our operations to a bigger location in Staten Island. With mountains of documents, office equipment, and other items to relocate, the task seemed Herculean. This was when I decided to rent moving crates from Perfect Crates, and I can't begin to tell you how transformational this decision was.

Perfect Crates delivered their sturdy, eco-friendly moving bins right to our doorstep in Harlem. Loading them up was straightforward, with their uniform size and shape making stacking easy. Unlike the disarray usually associated with cardboard boxes, the moving bins kept everything orderly and accessible.

Each bin came with a matching lid, and everything stayed secure during transit, which was a major win. We even managed to organize the crates by department, making unpacking at our new Staten Island location a breeze.

Pick up was just as smooth as delivery. After unpacking, Perfect Crates collected the bins, leaving us more space to set up our new premises.

In short, the choice to rent moving boxes from Perfect Crates was invaluable for our move. It was an efficient, organized, and eco-friendly solution that I'd recommend to anyone facing a big move.

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