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Ditch the Tape: My Swift Move Made Possible by Perfect Crates

Perfect Crates - Rent eco-friendly moving boxes
SoHo's vibrancy to UWS's tranquility, the journey was made simple with Perfect Crates. Durable bins, zero tape fuss, and an eco-friendly touch. Stellar!

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Ditch the Tape: My Swift Move Made Possible by Perfect Crates

The bustling streets of SoHo had been my home for years, but when I found my dream apartment in the Upper West Side, I knew a move was inevitable. The very idea of navigating the maze of cardboard boxes and tapes was daunting, until my colleague raved about her experience renting plastic moving crates from Perfect Crates.

Ordering was a cinch. The team at Perfect Crates swiftly delivered these sleek, roomy bins to my SoHo flat. Each one was so easy to handle and the absence of tape? A game changer. I loved how they were environmentally conscious too.

Once I’d nestled into my Upper West Side sanctuary, a call was all it took for Perfect Crates to retrieve their bins. Opting to rent plastic moving boxes was, hands down, the highlight of my transition. Hats off to Perfect Crates for making my move smooth and sustainable!

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