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Painting a Smooth Move with Perfect Crates

Perfect Crates - Rent Plastic Moving Boxes in NYC
Moving my art studio was made easy with Perfect Crates. Their sturdy crates accommodated all my art materials perfectly, making the move a breeze.

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Perfect Crates: My Palette for a Perfect Move

As an artist living in Brooklyn, my small studio was bursting with paints, canvases, and other art supplies. When an opportunity to move to a larger studio in Harlem presented itself, I was thrilled, but also worried about the move. Thankfully, Perfect Crates was there to help.

I decided to rent moving boxes from Perfect Crates, and boy, was I glad I did! These sturdy bins were delivered straight to my Brooklyn studio, and they were just perfect for packing all my art materials.

From canvases and easels to paint tubes and brushes, everything fit comfortably into these crates. They were even stackable, which was a boon in my cramped studio, allowing me to pack and paint simultaneously.

Once I had settled in my new Harlem studio, Perfect Crates picked up the bins. The fact that I didn’t have to deal with cardboard box disposal was an added bonus. As an environmentally conscious artist, renting moving crates was a great choice.

Perfect Crates made my move an artistic success story. They provided the canvas, and I painted a stress-free move.

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