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A Lifesaver for My Antique Move

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My antique move was made easy with Perfect Crates, their rentable moving bins ensured an efficient, secure transition.

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How Renting Moving Crates Saved My Antique Collection

I'm an antique dealer in Brooklyn Heights, with a keen eye for treasures. Recently, I was tasked with moving my extensive collection to a larger space in Queens. The items, some fragile and priceless, had me worried. Then, I discovered Perfect Crates, a NYC-based service offering the option to rent moving crates. And what a revelation it was!

Instead of grappling with paper boxes that couldn't protect my delicate antiques, I found myself handling strong plastic crates. The bins arrived right at my Brooklyn store, ready to safeguard my beloved collection.

The sight of my precious antiques, snug and safe in these robust crates, was deeply reassuring. And not a single item was damaged during the transition, a testament to their excellent quality.

Once everything was meticulously unpacked in Queens, Perfect Crates promptly collected their bins. A great plus in a city where space is a rare commodity!

To conclude, renting moving boxes from Perfect Crates was a remarkable experience, bringing efficiency and peace of mind to my moving process. I wholeheartedly endorse their service. If you're planning a move, give Perfect Crates a try.

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