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Our Perfect Crate consultants are experts in predicting the number of Perfect Crates you may need for your home or office. Our purpose is to make packing and moving easier for you and that means letting us help you figure out the tough stuff like what supplies you may need.

Our website offers optional packing supply packages based on the size of your home. These packages take into account our years of being in the moving industry and accurately predicting the correct number of packing materials needed for thousands of pack jobs. We use our historical data to predict the average amount of items found inside common households and then marry that data with the cubic packing capacity of our Perfect Crates to make the perfect match.

Please keep in mind, our packages are based on the average of what most will need. If you consider yourself a heavy packer or someone who has lots of items stuffed everywhere, you may want add additional Perfect Crates to your package for your move. The nice thing about our online ordering system is that it allows you the ability to select additional Perfect crates when placing your order.

If you are moving your office or have an extremely large specialty project move, our Perfect Crates consultants can visit your office or review the scope of your project over the phone and help recommend the necessary amount of Perfect Crates. Feel free to call us and speak with a Perfect Crates consultant.

For most customers, two weeks is about the ideal packing and unpacking time. If you are fortunate to be able to take some time off of work to prepare, then we recommend you dedicate a full day or two packing all of your household goods.

If you don’t think you will be able to take time off of work, then focus your efforts packing each night and on any free time during the weekends leading up to your move date. For this scenario the two week rental is ideal. Start packing things that are not used every day, packing your daily necessities the night before or morning of your move.

The same time frame should be used for the unpacking; those things you need daily should be unpacked the day of your move while the rest of your goods can be unpacked in one or two days or stretched out to the same time period it took you to pack.

Roughly 65% of all customers rent their plastic moving boxes for at least 2 weeks. When customers rent moving boxes for 2 week periods, they generally have the Perfect Crates delivered 1 week prior to their move date, giving them enough time to pack all of their items. The pickup date is scheduled for 1 week after the move, giving them enough time to unpack all of their household goods in the new home. This simple packing plan is also very common for office moving.

Of course, everyone’s schedule is different and only you know how much time you can dedicate to packing. That is why we have a wide rental range options to cover 1 week rentals all the way up to 4 week rentals.

Sure. We have many corporate clients that have extended long-term rental agreements in place. Remember, we are here to make packing and moving experience easier for you or your organization and we realize that sometimes move projects or renovations can last longer than 30 days. If you would like to lease Perfect Crates for a period longer than 4 weeks, just contact one of our Perfect Crates consultants and they will happily help. They will listen to learn more about your project and then provide you with a custom rental quote that will reflect the amount of crates and the rental duration needed.

You will receive an email confirmation after your order has been placed. Also, prior to your delivery and pickup, a Perfect Crates consultant will call you to confirm times and location. All Monday Deliveries will be confirmed on either Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
Perfect Crates accepts all major credit cards through our secure checkout process. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions prior to submitting your rental order.

Our current service area is New York City and surrounding area. Check out our delivery area section to find out more about our service area, delivery and pickup times, and additional delivery information.

Perfect Crates can usually be delivered within 24 to 48 hours of when an order is placed. Our soonest delivery date will be available for selection during checkout. We recommend placing your order at least one week before you plan on starting to pack.

If you need a quick confirmation of our current available inventory and delivery dates, please feel free to call our office and speak with a Perfect Crates consultant. Remember, someone 18 years or older must be available at time of delivery to confirm and sign-off on the quantity and condition of Perfect Crates at time of delivery.

If you place an order and let us know at least 5 days in advance, we only charge the credit card processing fees to credit back to your account. This is usually about 2.9% of the pre-taxed sales amount. So if your order is $200.00, we would charge back to you $5.80 to cancel your order.

Canceling your order, 3 days before your scheduled delivery date costs $50.00 and the day before or same day cancellation is half the cost of the order.

These fees help us recoup our internal labor costs and logistical costs spent prepping, and load your order for delivery.

Everyone asks this question because once they have had the opportunity to use our Perfect Crates, they LOVE them and want to keep them.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not selling Perfect Crates and they are only available for rental purposes only. If we sold our Perfect Crates, we would have to replenish our rental inventory and that would take too much time and money.

Manufacturing our Perfect Crates requires a lengthy lead time and large minimum order size which makes the process costly and time consuming. That is why unit pricing for lost, damaged, or unreturned Perfect Crates are so high, to ensure we get them back, and off-set our high manufacturing costs if we had to replenish our inventory.

The cost for missing, damaged, or unreturned Medium Rental Crates are $55.00 per Medium Rental Crate, $75.00 per Large Rental Crate, and $75.00 per Rental Skate.

Yes, of course. Any Perfect Crates that are lost, damaged, or unreturned from your order are Perfect Crates that we can’t provide to other customers.

During the pickup process, our Team Member will verify the quantity and condition of the Perfect Crates you are returning. If there are any lost, damaged, or unreturned Perfect Crates, our Team Member will note it on the paperwork and collect a signature from yourself or someone signing on your behalf. We will then charge your credit card the next business day or we will accept a check on the spot before we leave.

The cost for missing, damaged, or unreturned Medium Rental Crates are $55.00 per medium Rental Crate, $75.00 per large Rental Crate, and $75.00 per Rental Skate. If at a later date, you locate the missing crates, we will pick up the missing crates and will credit your account, minus our pickup fee and any additional rental time that you incurred.

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Perfect Crates - Make The Perfect Move

The Perfect Crates Solution

In your search to make life easier on yourself, your family, your friends, employees, and even your moving company, you have come to the right place.

At Perfect Crates we make packing your home or office simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
For less than what it costs to to purchase cardboard boxes, we rent and deliver fully assembled plastic moving boxes right to your doorstep. Our plastic moving boxes or Rental Crates as we call them, require no tape, are bigger and stronger than a traditional cardboard moving box. They stack neatly on one of our Rental Skates or Rental Dollies so you can easily roll your packed boxes anywhere you want. When you are done with our Rental Crates, we pick them up, clean them, and then rent them to the next customer. Since our Perfect Crates are made from 100% recyclable plastic and are so durable, they can be reused up to 400 times. In fact, using rental crates generates 95% less total solid waste, requires 39% less energy, and generates 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions than cardboard. This means that by using Rental Crates, you are making a positive environmental impact on the world.

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